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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

NEW! How many Fake Captcha's have you made so far?
On September 10th, 2014, this site produced its ONE MILLIONTH Fake Captcha. That's right, A MILLION! Pretty cool huh? The better question would probably be why the world needs a million fake captchas, but I suppose they do because this site generates about 1,200 captchas a day from visitors....
Why did you make a fake captcha generator?
It actually started with these silly "Captcha Comics". After the comics took off, big fat phonies were attempting to use photoshop to create their own "captchas" for comics. I figured it'd be pretty easy to just make a script that fakes it. This site is the result. Now that it's here, people have told me all sorts of reasons they use these captchas that I never even thought of like as placeholders for website mockups, etc.
Are you related with the reCaptcha project or Google Inc.?
No. This site is NOT affiliated with reCaptcha. There are a lot of anti-bot services out there and reCaptcha is one of the biggest and most ubiquitous. I use them for all my websites that need anti-bot protection. They're powerful, handicap accessible and help digitize textual documents. We love them, but this website is NOT authorized or endorsed by reCaptcha or Google Inc.
Is this totally free?
"Free as in beer." There are a few "friendly" text ads on this site, but there's no charge to make a fake captcha image. I was thinking about adding a tagline on the image like "Made by" or something, but decided against it as it would be kind of lame.